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Project Description
This Regular Expression tester allows .Net developers a very simple way to test regular expressions against a sample text. This regex checker validates the expression syntax and provides results by leveraging the .Net Framework's native System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex class allowing developers to see accurate results and pattern error messages in real-time. It is developed in Silverlight 4/.Net 4.0.

This project conforms to the MVVM pattern and also implements
  • Custom Behaviors - Used to trigger the regex evaluation .5 seconds after the user stops typing
  • Custom Validation Attributes - Used to validate the regex pattern and show and an exception message on the screen
  • Custom Validation Message Styles - Used to place a validation error under a Textbox, rather than to the right side

New in Version 1.1
A few small features have been added to allow for more ease of use:
  • Regex pattern box is now multiline and resizeable
  • User can now open and save the regex pattern as *.txt files

For an example of this tool, visit

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